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Francis of Assisi

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Who was Francis of Assisi?

Following Francis honors the inspiring example of Francis Bernardone, known as Francis of Assisi. Francis was the son of a wealthy cloth merchant in the town of Assisi in thirteenth-century Italy. As a young man, he turned away from his family’s life of luxury and pleasure. He gave away his fancy clothes and jewels and followed the love in his heart to befriend and help the poorest and most rejected people.


Despite having no money or home, he took joy in everything — the birds, the animals, the trees and flowers — and most of all, in every person he met. Francis tended lovingly to those who were sick, outcast, injured, or abandoned. News of his kindness, gentleness, and miracles spread, and soon others came to join him in his work. Together, they lived simple lives of service.


Today Francis of Assisi is loved and respected everywhere for the universality of his message and the shining example of the life he led. Read more>

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