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Direct Financial Support

Following Francis programs provide gifts of financial support to families in Los Angeles and San Francisco East Bay area, Washington, DC, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, whose lives have been deeply impacted by the pandemic. Local school leaders refer families who cannot afford rent, food, and other life essentials.

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We have

distributed over


in cash gifts using funds donated for this purpose


Every month, we deliver


free diapers to




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14,000 lbs.

of fresh food to



Each week, Francis on the Hill (Wash.D.C.) delivers

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Following Francis

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Happiness and respect are the birthright of every person. Following Francis draws inspiration from the life and universal values of Francis of Assisi and shares our time, energy, and resources to help children, families, and neighborhoods claim this birthright.


Dr. Carol Weyland Conner, Founder

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Following Francis is a non-religious service organization offering free programs and activities to help people living on the margins of life join the mainstream.

Our Mission

To remove obstacles to happiness so that those we serve, especially children, experience joy and respect.


Our Vision

We envision a world in which service to others, treating them with love, respect, and compassion helps end hunger, poverty, marginalization, and loneliness.

Our Values

We're inspired by the values of Francis of Assisi and his ideal of universal brotherhood. Francis lived a life of love, service, respect, and compassion, and honored the worth of every individual.

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Offers inspiring field trips for children and their families from impoverished neighborhoods and gives them gifts of quality clothes, shoes, groceries, books, educational toys, and needed supplies.

Serves children and families living in economically challenged neighbor-hoods, providing weekly summer outings, groceries, toiletries, beds, bikes, basic household supplies, and educational toys.

Helps alleviate economic insecurity by providing fresh, wholesome groceries and new clothing and seeks to enhance the beauty of public spaces in and around Meridian Hill Park.

Expanding our Following Francis programs to support children and families in Los Angeles by providing cash, food, and other gifts for the over 66,000 who are homeless or near homelessness.

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